rude «rood», adjective, rud|er, rud|est.
1. not courteous; impolite: »

It is rude to stare at people or to point.

SYNONYM(S): uncivil, discourteous, impertinent, impudent.
2. roughly made or done; without finish or polish; coarse; rough: »

rude tools, a rude cabin, a rude sketch; ... a rude bed upon the floor (Dickens).

SYNONYM(S): unwrought, raw, crude.
3. rough in manner or behavior; violent; harsh: »

the rude winds of winter. Rude hands seized the dog and threw him into the car. He had a rude shock when the boys threw a pail of water on him. In far less polished days, A time when rough rude men had naughty ways (Robert Burns).

4. harsh to the ear; unmusical.
5. not having learned much; rather wild; barbarous: »

Life is rude in tribes that have few tools. ... the rude forefathers of the hamlet (Thomas Gray).

SYNONYM(S): primitive.
6. belonging to the poor or to uncultured people; without luxury or elegance; simple: »

a rude, primitive culture. The temple…is of rude design and indifferent execution (Amelia B. Edwards).

7. not fully or properly developed.
8. robust; sturdy; vigorous: »

rude health, rude strength.

9. Archaic. inexpert; unskilled.
[< Latin rudis]
rude´ly, adverb.
rude´ness, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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